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On 21 & 22 May, we welcome a greener future together.

Let’s be Greener Together!

On 21 & 22 May, we welcome a greener future together. GREENER TOGETHER is coming to the Mall of Cyprus with an eco-friendly conscience to give us the chance to discover products, trends and habits for sustainable living, to be inspired by the pioneers of the industry and to learn how we can help to build a more sustainable world, starting from our everyday lives.

The exhibitors include:

24Bottles: 24Bottles® is the Italian design brand born in 2013 to reduce the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives.
It was born from the search for the most comfortable and functional solution to satisfy the need to hydrate in a healthy, elegant and ecological way.
Choosing 24Bottles means taking care of yourself, your well-being and that of the planet. The alternative provided by 24Bottles is a wide range of stainless steel bottles and solutions with an original design: elegant, reusable and lightweight, perfect for any style and occasion. The company is B Corp® certified and has also embarked on an ambitious program to achieve Carbon Neutrality. The aim is to completely offset its carbon footprint by supporting international reforestation projects, rural communities, and green projects. 24Bottles is distributed in over 65 countries around the world: mainly Europe, but also Canada, USA, China, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. Discover the range of 24Bottles in Mini Travel Stories at Mall of Cyprus (1st Floor).

Aglantzia Municipality – Member of SupportCY Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus: Because every action you take is an option, Bank of Cyprus is here to support you in doing what will give you the best prospects for a better future. With the Fil-eco Product Plan you can finance your purchase of a new hybrid or electric car, the installation of photovoltaic systems and to upgrade your home or business by moving in a more environmentally friendly direction. Leap ahead Bank of Cyprus

Char.Pilakoutas Group: Pilakoutas Group leads us to the electric future of driving with the Nissan Leaf and the new electric scooter BMW CE04 ⚡. Join us to discover them at the Greener Together Exhibition on the 21st and 22nd of May 2022.

Department of Forests – Cooperation with SupportCY Bank of Cyprus

EnergyIntel – Member of SupportCY Bank of Cyprus: EnergyIntel Services is a purely Cypriot company with expertise and activity in the field of Renewable Energy Sources. Our company was founded in 2006 with the aim of bringing the power of green energy to consumers. It is a healthy, independent and pioneering organisation, with a firm focus on the production and application of energy produced from Renewable Sources.  It is developing strong international technological and investment alliances and partnerships and has a selected human resource with high expertise, specialization and technical experience. By developing and implementing innovation, EnergyIntel is establishing itself as the Cypriot powerhouse in implementing clean, green energy in everyday life. We provide solar thermal and photovoltaic systems with or without energy storage, infrared heating systems and smart energy management systems, ensuring unique capabilities. Additionally, we provide planning and licensing services, financing and construction of renewable energy power plants.

Eurolife – Member of SupportCY Bank of Cyprus: The biggest life insurance company in Cyprus, Eurolife has played a leading role in the market for over 30 years. It provides customised coverage in the sectors of Life and Health Insurance, offering both individual and group insurance policies. Eurolife was named the top insurance company in Cyprus in the 2021 Global Insurance Awards organised by World Finance magazine. It has a professional sales network with specialised and expertly trained staff, boasting 300+ insurance advisors and offering bespoke insurance coverage. The Company has paid out €1 billion in cash-outs, maturity benefits and claims on life, accident and healthcare policies. It offers more than €10 billion in individual and group coverage in Life Insurance. Eurolife has insurance reserves of €650 million, and a solvency ratio of over 220% that far exceeds the regulatory required limit of 100%. Eurolife is proud to support Learning About Forests (LEAF) – a programme that encourages activities helping students achieve a higher level of awareness about the environment, regardless of age, knowledge or prior experience. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is responsible for the LEAF programme on a global level, while CYMEPA acts as the National (Cyprus) Operator.

Henkel: Saturday and Sunday 21 & 22 May we meet at the “Greener Together” exhibition at Mall of Cyprus! The new Dixan, in packaging made of 25% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable, is a green fact integrated in GPM-Henkel’s corporate social responsibility campaign “For Good” and an ideal occasion to discuss the triptych “Clean – Recycle – Reuse”. Let’s see how we can all contribute together to a cleaner world!

Mall of Cyprus: At the Mall of Cyprus we believe we get better, when we change together. That’s why we created BETTER TOGETHER, a set of initiatives that will take place at the Mall of Cyprus aiming to envision and build together a better world, starting from our shared experiences. During the events and happenings of BETTER TOGETHER, the Mall of Cyprus will raise awareness about protecting the environment, helping the community and having a healthy and sustainable way of life, while it will reinvent the experience of the No1 Mall in Cyprus through these values.

SupportCY – Bank of Cyprus Volunteer Body: SupportCY was created by Bank of Cyprus in March 2020, as the pandemic spread across the island, to help support frontline professionals, and society in general. Today, more than 145 businesses and organisations are members, continually supporting the Cypriot society in addressing issues, over and above the pandemic. SupportCY’s Volunteers Corps comprises specialised and trained volunteers, equipment and vehicles, engaging in Crises & Disasters prevention, response and restoration. This year, with a view to strengthening its actions towards environmental protection, SupportCY declared 2022 as Environmental Year.