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16 Sep, 2023 - 17 Sep, 2023

Let’s prioritize our health together!

Discover the secrets to a better lifestyle with top health, well-being, and fitness experts at the HEALTHIER TOGETHER EXPO at the Mall of Cyprus on 16 and 17 September. From 15:00 to 19:00 at Entrance Square 2, get ready to embrace healthier habits and unlock a new level of well-being. Let’s prioritize our health together! Learn more the exhibitors and the schedule of the exhibition below.

?Blue Island
?Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association
?Cyprus Medical Students Association
?Cyprus Pain Clinic
?Destination Fitness
?Get Fresh
?Holland & Barrett
?Little Kickers
?Sante Barley

Schedule of the exhibition’s activities

Saturday 16 September
3-3:30 pm: Sante Barley – An interactive presentation of their products
3:30-4 pm: Little Kickers – Interactive football games
4-5 pm: Blue Island – Interactive seminar aiming to promote healthy nutrition and the benefits of fish in the body with the company of the mascots – Lakis the Lavrakis and Fioura the Tsipoura, giving for free the special collector’s package that includes the Storybook ‘ I learn to count from 1 – 10 ‘ and a recipe book especially for children.
5-6 pm: Cyprus Pain Clinic – A new dimension in pain treatment from the new promising medical device Cryofos Medical GmbH. The Physiotherapy Department of the Cyprus Pain Clinic will provide free local cryotherapy through Cryofos Medical GmbH.
6-7 pm: Destination Fitness – Interactive Fitness Class for the whole family

Sunday 17 September
3-4 pm: Blue Island – Interactive seminar aiming to promote healthy nutrition and the benefits of fish in the body with the company of the mascots – Lakis the Lavrakis and Fioura the Tsipoura, giving for free the special collector’s package that includes the Storybook ‘ I learn to count from 1 – 10 ‘ and a recipe book especially for children.
4-5 pm: Destination Fitness – Interactive Fitness Class for the whole family
5-6 pm: Frontida – An educational workshop on reading food labels, where you will discover how to choose food wisely. We will explain the importance of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, tailoring the information to your own needs. By studying ingredients and nutritional values, we will focus on key health parameters. The goal is to develop nutritional awareness for smart choices. This workshop will shape a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.
6-6:30 pm: Sante Barley – An interactive presentation of their products
6:30-7 pm: Little Kickers – Interactive football games

Learn more about our exhibitors below.

Blue Island
The core of business of the company is the fish farming and trading of the Mediterranean species Sea Bass and Sea Bream and the trading of fresh fish from open sea fishing.
Today the company distinguishes itself in the Cyprus market in the fields of mariculture and fish trading, in addition to its size and its modern organizational structure and infrastructure. Both the structure and the infrastructure of the company are continuously developing, with a view to offering a reliable and complete service to its clients, both in Cyprus and abroad.
Our Main Fields of Activities:
• Fry Production, through our subsidiary, Blue Fisheries Ltd at the Akrotiri area.
• Fish Farming Production, through our fish breeding farm at the Governor’s Beach.
• Wholesale sales in Cyprus and abroad through our Processing/Packing Unit/Warehouses at the Strovolos Industrial Area.
• Retail sales, through our own shops and shops in supermarket chains all around the island

Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association

Cyprus Medical Students Association
The “Cyprus Medical Students Association” (CyMSA) constitutes the first independent collaboration of Medical students in Cyprus aiming to empower the voices of Medical students but also promoting them to international scientific and Medical communities. CyMSA is a non-governmental organisation and was created so that every Medical student will have the opportunity to develop his talent and skill through our activities. In parallel, we present the opportunity to students of other scientific fields to get better acquainted with Medicine. Our main goal is to provide Medical students with the right to cultivate their dreams for a better world. CyMSA has 5 Standing Committees namely, Standing Committee on Public Health / Human Rights and Peace / Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right including HIV & AIDS / Medical Education / Professional Exchanges.

Cyprus Pain Clinic
The Cyprus Pain Clinic is the Cyprus’s first facility dedicated to treating chronic pain holistically. Headed by Anesthesiologist – Pain Specialist, Dr Periklis Zavridis, our team is supported by an Acupuncturist Doctor, Physical Therapists, a Clinical Dietician, Clinical Psychologists, and a Music Therapist. In addition, we operates as a Sampling Center in collaboration with a Clinical Laboratory for performing laboratory tests. Depending on the patient’s needs and preferences, all of our services are provided either individually or combined.

Destination Fitness
Join Destination Fitness, our unique fitness center, a place where modern industrial design meets a vibrant atmosphere. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest workout machines, catering to all your fitness needs. Our mission is simple yet powerful: “We Move People, We Move Forward” We believe that fitness is more than just physical strength—it’s about progress, and pushing yourself to be the best you can be.

Our values are central to everything we do. We Care about your individual goals and work hard to help you achieve them. Our sense of Community runs deep; when you join us, you’re part of a supportive and caring family. Our expert trainers provide Coaching tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the most from every workout. Last but not least, we are dedicated to Commitment—commitment to our members, to excellence, and to creating a space where everyone can thrive.

«Frontida» specializes in home nursing and individualized care, prioritizing love for the patient and their proper care. Our team consists of experienced healthcare professionals with high scientific training, who holistically and at the same time individually undertake the care of your loved ones requiring Home Nursing and Care services. The aim of our company is to ensure that the patient receives premium healthcare, with no travel inconvenience in a safe and familiar environment, improving their mental health and quality of life.

Get Fresh
What began in 2008 as your favourite cosy, neighbourhood casual food spot now becomes a full blown fast casual restaurant. Our menu is packed with tasty and satisfying dishes made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Whether you are looking for a light salad, a hearty wrap, or a guilt-free dessert, we have something for everyone. Our original promise still stands. Fresh food made on the day, to be consumed on the day. Nourishing your body, one bite at a time. You deserve it!!

Holland & Barrett
Holland & Barrett is one of the world’s leading wellness retailers and the largest in Europe – supplying its customers with a wide range of Vitamins, Supplements, natural beauty productς, healthy foods and sports Supplements. Customer service and staff expertise is something that we are proud of. Our staff undergoes one of the most extensive and intensive training programs, through the ‘Holland & Barrett International Training Academy’. They are all well-trained to guide you to the best product for you.

At Holland & Barrett stores you will find:
– Vitamins and Supplements
– Sport Nutrition Supplements
– Natural Beauty Products
– Healthy food

INTERSPORT Athletics, a subsidiary of the Fourlis Group, started its activities within the Greek market in 2000 and up till now operates 56 stores in Greece. Moreover its operations extend to :
–  Cyprus – 6 stores
– Romania – 32 stores
– Bulgaria – 10 stores
– Turkey – 12 stores
IIC (INTERSPORT International Corporation) is the mother company of the INTERSPORT Group. With an annual turnover of 12.2 billion euros and a network of 5.400 shops in 42 countries, INTERSPORT Group is among the world’s leading sporting goods retailers.

Little Kickers
We give your children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high quality football skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment.
There are four different classes tailored specifically to the needs of children between 18 months and seven years of age. It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport that will stay with them for life.

Sante Barley
The Top Superfood in the World is finally in Cyprus and you can come and have a Free Taste at the Mall of Cyprus‼️ Barley Grass is recognized by science as the Most Nutritious plant in the world, because it contains all the nutrients our body needs to function properly. Sante Barley is the Top Distributor of Barley Grass Worldwide and it is 100% Gluten Free and Organic from New Zealand, one of the cleanest countries in the Globe.