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Today's Shopping Hours 11AM - 7PM

Mall of Cyprus ReOpening Safety Measures

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The Mall of Cyprus welcomes its visitors on June 9.

From Tuesday 9th of June, the Mall of Cyprus will once again welcome visitors and staff to its facilities. The management of the mall would like to assure the public that all the necessary measures have been taken based on the Health and Safety Laws and the relevant instructions from the Government.
The safety of its visitors is of utmost importance for the Mall of Cyprus, so in addition to the appropriate measures, extra procedures have been implemented to ensure a smooth and comfortable return to its premises.
In particular, all public areas will be thoroughly disinfected before opening, while the cleaning protocols already implemented by the Mall of Cyprus will continue, with higher and more intensive standards, such as even more frequent meticulous cleaning and disinfection of common areas, surfaces and toilets.
Security personnel will be present at all entrances to ensure that each visitor, before entering the premises of the Mall of Cyprus, will disinfect their hands using antiseptic solutions, while everyone will be given free gloves. In addition, temperature control will be performed at the entrance, while a special waiting area has been set up for people with possible indications.
A specific number of people will be allowed to enter the common areas, while in all areas there will be signs to remind the public about the distances that must be observed. In addition, security personnel at the Mall of Cyprus will ensure the proper implementation of the measures. The use of elevators will be allowed for a specific number of people each time.
The Mall of Cyprus has made necessary changes, both to the exterior and interior areas of the food court, in order to accommodate the maximum number of visitors whilst observing the necessary distance between them, based on the specifications of the Ministry of Health.
Fresh air supply and maintenance of air supply equipment, as well as the water supply, will be in full compliance with government and international directives.
The Mall of Cyprus urges all visitors to follow the instructions at the entrances and assures the public that the safety and health of visitors, employees, and associates remains their top priority.