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Today's Shopping Hours 10AM - 8PM
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5 Aug, 2022 - 4 Sep, 2022

It looks like a breeze is blowing from Mount Olympus at the country's first mall, because we have arrivals from the mythical mountain of the gods!

PLAYMOBIL, in collaboration with Mall of Cyprus and Public stores, present 2 unique playgrounds inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology, and invite our little ones to join us on a magical journey of endless play! From August 5 to September 4 in the 2 squares of the Mall of Cyprus we will combine play and knowledge, stimulating the imagination and creativity of children.
Don’t forget to take part in our competition! Fill in the coupon that our educators will give you at the PLAYMOBIL Fun playgrounds, drop it in the lottery box of the competition that you will find at the Public store on the 1st floor of the mall, and enter the draw for 10 wonderful PLAYMOBIL toys. Terms and conditions here.
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PLAYMOBIL Fun playgrounds will be open daily from August 5 to September 4, from 11am to 7pm. On 15 August the playgrounds will be closed.
Participation is free!
Entrance strictly for children 4 years and older.
The playground rules and regulations are available here.


More about the PLAYMOBIL Greek Mythology series
Greek mythology, then, apart from being the best way for children to get in touch with antiquity, helps them to broaden their horizons and develop their imagination.
People, heroes, gods, demigods, legends and even monsters play a leading role in the myths of the ancient Greeks. Reality gets mixed up with fantasy and as a result a new and unique world is created, but it does not always seem completely fake. On the one hand, we encounter the passions, weaknesses and ingenuity of humans and on the other hand we see what the plans and the real will of the gods are.
The stories of Greek mythology automatically put children and ourselves in the process of mentally creating the images that we get by reading or listening to them. We unconsciously travel with our minds to ancient Greece, we create with our imagination the image of the heroes we know in each myth and we direct as we wish the scenery around which each story unfolds.
Two enchanting and original playgrounds are at your disposal in the first shopping centre of our island. One playground depicts in a simple but impressive way the Palace of the Gods on Mount Olympus. The all-gold throne of Zeus surrounded by impressive PLAYMOBIL toys awaits you to have your picture taken with the King of the Gods and play endlessly. Cyclops Polyphemus prepares to hurl rocks at Odysseus as he tries to escape with his companions on his wooden raft. And the mythical Argo, the ship that took Jason and his companions to Colchis to get the Golden Fleece, a life-size ship, will impress children and give them the opportunity to get in touch with the myth and take their own journey into the glorious past!
The dilemmas and difficult decisions of the heroes are a key feature of ancient Greek myths and the main reason that makes them so special. Children put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists and imagine what they would do. In fact, if you ask them “Which hero would you like to be in this story?” their answer is likely to include some of the Twelve Gods of Olympus who intrigue them because of their unique abilities.
To make the process even more fun, you can re-enact the stories you read by playing along, and of course the protagonists can be none other than… the Olympus Gods themselves. With the figures of Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and the other gods from PLAYMOBIL you can set the scene for your story and bring children’s favorite myths to life. They can use their imagination and change the outcome of the story, giving it a different ending each time. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to review their history lessons since the figures come with information cards. Even if you are confused and not sure if Hera was the patroness of marriage and Hestia the patroness of the family, you can confirm it at that time without the children knowing!
One of the lessons children learn from Greek mythology is that you can achieve anything with a lot of effort and of course with your mind, which often proves to be the most valuable tool of heroes, even against the gods. Moreover, the protagonists are usually mortals who use their acumen and skills to overcome the obstacles in front of them and achieve their goal.
And because there is no limit to imagination and fun, PLAYMOBIL, Mall of Cyprus and Public stores, take the traditional playground to a new level, creating a new concept of combining education and fun, which meets the vivid imagination of children, and gives them the opportunity through play to create their own dream stories, starring their favorite toys.
All children can discover Ancient Greek Mythology, travel in imposing pirate ships on incredible adventures, care for the environment through their work on modern farms, have fun at the amusement park and let their imagination shape the most exciting play through dozens of PLAYMOBIL themes.