Today's Shopping Hours
Today's Shopping Hours

That of gelato artigianale, which the maestri gelatieri prepare with the finest raw ingredients and according to the long history of their artistry. Gelato is served at a temperature lower than ice cream, has a softer and denser texture thanks to the slow stirring, and less fatty milk. It’s a delightful Cremoso.
In Cremoso stores you will find gelato, sorbet and cones in delicious flavors like chocolate, biscuits, fruit, caramel, as well as waffles and a variety of hot/cold drinks.

Our raw ingredients coming directly from Italy.We use only natural flavors with ingredients without GMO , without hydrogenated fats, without artificial colors and aromas.Fresh milk and fresh cream is used in the making procedure .
We also provide products without lactose , VEGAN and with organic ingredients.

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