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Today's Shopping Hours 10AM - 8PM
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The Digital Reveal Event of E-Cars Group on Saturday, April 9th was held with great success.

The Digital Reveal Event of E-Cars Group on Saturday, April 9th was held with great success.
At E-Cars Multi-Brand Showroom, two literally fantastic cars made their maiden appearance in Cyprus.
In an original way, the unveiling of the models was done through an admittedly excellent live streaming, giving everyone the opportunity to admire the new versions of Tesla – Model Y and Hybrid Bentley Bentayga Outdoor Pursuits Collection 2022.
The launch of the two cars was attended by representatives of the media and partners of the E-Cars Group who had the opportunity to see the new models up close and get information about their features.
The new Tesla Model Y with a dynamic aesthetic, is aerodynamically elegant, compact inside, and causes admiration.
In addition, the car’s handling is supported by state-of-the-art active and passive safety systems.
The Model Y travels almost completely quietly while accelerating on the go instantly and offers a range of up to 482 km, with 0-96 km / h being able to do it even in 3.5 seconds.
The new Hybrid Bentley Bentayga Outdoor Collection, one of 11 handcrafted unique models, is undoubtedly an imposing proposal in the category of luxury SUVs and at the same time, it is a vehicle designed and built with elegant execution that balances the sporty character with timelessness.
It offers driving pleasure and experience with innovative technology features.
Embroidered handmade and inlaid patterns on metal, wood, and leather that carry a nature-inspired look – including meticulous finishing in every detail – are the epitome of modern luxury.
The two SUVs invite us to feel the fourth dimension of a unique dynamic aesthetic and mark the way to the future.
A future with the seal and the guarantee in Cyprus, of the E-Cars Group.
A point to be noted is that E-Cars Multi-Brand Showroom is offering a complete range of electric and plug-in hybrid models in the Cypriot market and also provide the possibility of charging electric cars quickly and safely. E-Cars Charging Point is compatible with all modern models in the European market.
Check out the new Tesla Model Y and the Bentley Bentayga, at the E-Cars Multi-Brand Showroom Vergina 5, Mall of Cyprus – ANNEX 3, 2025 in Nicosia, daily from 09.00 – 18:30.