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Today's Shopping Hours 10AM - 8PM

3INA The Lipstick : Sky is the limit

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We believe makeup fits all, is genderless and knows no limit. It should be fun, light and uncomplicated.

We believe makeup fits all, is genderless and knows no limit. It should be fun, light and uncomplicated. What better than a lipstick to embody these values? We are reinforcing exactly that and empowering everyone to wear it boldly and proudly. Sky is really the limit with THE LIPSTICK. We are so close to showing our colors to the world again, but meanwhile, get a lipstick that will stay on your lips no matter what. Because mask or no mask, our lipstick game is still going strong.

The new 3INA lipstick is all you ever wished for in a lipstick: highly pigmented shades, a comfortable silky finish and sweet vanilla candy scent. With 40 shades of serious staying power these highly pigmented colors will stay put with just one go without having to constantly re-apply. It’s pink hues, nude dreams, true reds and perfect corals, impossible not to fall in love with these shades. There’s really a shade for everyone.Wear it everywhere, sky is the limit.

Matte, but also Shiny

Most of our 40 shades have a velvety matte finish. However, we are also launching brand new special shiny shades. They come in 6 colors that will naturally enhance your own lip color and will feel like a bath of color to your lips.

What matters is on the inside, but the outside is pretty cool.

The Lipstick comes in a super cool softtouch squared case that closes with a click of a magnet. This way, not only you will own a pretty cool lipstick, but it will never accidentally open in your bag, it’s closed and safe. It´s a win-win. As always, and because we are obsessed with color, each case is colored in the exact same shade as the inside. It’s makeup with pantone accuracy.

Monochromatic looks are back
We are back in the monochromatic game. You can now, officially, match your lipstick to your lipliner and blush. It’s the number revolution that 3INA has created so you don’t have to worry about memorizing complicated shadenames and can go straight to business.

Discover the new 3ina The Lipstick at ERA Department Stores & Glow Beauty at the Mall of Cyprus.