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22 Oct, 2022 - 23 Oct, 2022

How do we make our future healthier? Together!

The Mall of Cyprus recently launched BETTER TOGETHER, a set of initiatives focusing on ESG causes and experiences, taking a step closer to a brighter future for all. On the 22nd and 23rd of October the Mall of Cyprus is organising the HEALTHIER TOGETHER EXPO event, an exciting experience where innovators, pioneers and leaders in the health and fitness industry will get together to share the latest insights products and services with the visitors of Mall of Cyprus.


Amongst the exhibitors:

Destination Fitness: DESTINATION FITNESS: a fitness destination that aims to make fitness a lifestyle.
The gym’s philosophy and vision are summarised in the slogan “SCULPTING YOUR LIFESTYLE.” For DESTINATION FITNESS, fitness, and proper nutrition, should be a permanent lifestyle.

DESTINATION FITNESS will be present at the “Healthier Together” event giving you the opportunity to try group training classes!

On Saturday, the program starts at 16:00 with Power Yoga: stretching and breath control exercises for a healthier body. We continue at 17:00 with Abs, Core & Legs where we will pay particular attention to strengthening the core and back muscles. We close the day with the powerful class Body Combat where you can practice your martial arts skills!

Our first class is Pilates on Sunday at 16:00, with balance and abdominal strengthening exercises. Next in line at 17:00 is the uplifting Zumba class. Explosive choreography and fun until final fall! Body Weight Functional at 18:00 will be closing the day. We can prove that you can exercise without equipment and get just as good results!

Cyprus Medical Students Association: The Association will be providing free Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index and Blood Glucose measurements.

Familchef: Familychef provides meals to lose weight, gain muscle mass or maintain a healthy weight while enjoying delicious healthy food delivered at your door step!

Get Fresh:Unique, first of its kind and a leading restaurant promoting a healthy lifestyle, Get Fresh is The place for healthy eating. You can grab and go, order online, or dine in. Everything is made on the day and gone on the day. Quality and freshness are our core values.

Holland & Barrett: Holland & Barrett is one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers and the largest in Europe, supplying our customers with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products.
Holland & Barrett sells a wide range of branded and own-label products across these categories and also own a number of trademarks for specific product lines.
In total we offer our customers more than 1,000 products across all of our ranges, including products from some of the world’s most famous vitamin, nutrition and natural beauty brands including Centrum, Dr Organic and Bioglan.

Intersport: Find the ideal running shoes for you with the Footscan service available in INTERSPORT, free of charge! The static footscan analysis depicts digitally the morphology of the foot and analyses the stability & cushioning needs, providing you with results of the idea shoe for you. Try it at the Healthier Together Expo for free!

Karaiskakio Foundation: Karaiskakio Foundation is a non-profit organization, established with the sole purpose of organizing a Volunteer Bone Marrow Registry. In its attempt to overcome the aging phenomenon of the registry, whilst simultaneously enriching it with new donors, the Karaiskakio Foundation has launched the Self-Recruitment Stations, via which anyone (aged 18-45) in good health condition, may easily and quickly provide a sample of oral swab, giving a second chance of life to patients in need of a transplant. For more information, visit