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Nature is an inspiration and also a breath of fresh air!

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Diptyque marks the third key moment in this anniversary year with a tribute to nature.

Diptyque marks the third key moment in this anniversary year with a tribute to nature, dedicating its entire summer collection to this inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Maison. A nature that is simple and authentic and opens onto the sea: the nature of the Mediterranean landscapes, where Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, two members of the trio who founded diptyque, loved to recharge their batteries and from which, from 1960 onwards, they brought back materials and memories aplenty for use in the creations and perfumes to come. Summer 2021 sees the emblematic Mediterranean scents highlighted as olfactory reminiscences of the landscapes of Italy, Provence and Greece that the two friends so valued for their unadorned beauty. In the Mediterranean, they found their “landscape of the soul” – the place where they felt most fully themselves.

This is also a location that the young English artist and illustrator Luke Edward Hall, who has been invited to create drawings visualizing the world of the summer collection, loves to visit: the Greek island of Hydra, the Riviera, the Amalfi Coast are among his favorite holiday destinations. It was inevitable that he would one day collaborate with diptyque, for any number of reasons. Traits marking him out as a natural choice include his love of color, shared by the Maison since its early days and its very first fabric collections, plus the elements of neo classical and naïve art in his work, which are very much in line with those used by Desmond Knox-Leet and with diptyque’s celebration of the simple, essential qualities of nature.

One summer in the Mediterranean: viewed via the artist’s perspective and imagination, the inspiration for this limited edition collection takes on the form of a celebration, sensitive and poetic. In his own modern, joyful manner, he
rekindles the beauty of the light and of the natural world of the Mediterranean. Keeping faith with his own style, he depicts the region’s colours radiating freely, embracing with a spirited gesture the essence of the Mediterranean setting – the sea, the sun, the native flora. He gets through to the essential, just like the collection itself – an amalgam of objects combining beauty, simplicity and utility, reproducing as closely as possible the scents of that sun-drenched soil.


The sun lies at the very heart of Ilio, the eau de toilette in the summer 2021 collection, also available as a hair mist. Taking its name from ilios (the Greek word for “sun”), Ilio is a concentrate of summer itself, captured in a bottle – a breath of warm air cut across with addictive fragrances from flowers and fruit trees. Characterised by prickly pear – an emblematic, unconventional fruit from the Mediterranean basin – Ilio will both brighten and freshen up the summer, adding notes that blend bergamot, iris and jasmine.

Celebrating lemongrass – another characteristic summer scent, known and valued for its tangy coolness and its mosquito-repellent properties –two new limited edition scented candles enrich this solar collection: a candle in the classic 190 g format and its large-format cousin, both decorated with generous yet simple illustrations courtesy of Luke Edward Hall. Enhanced with green, floral touches, this candle will be the ideal accompaniment to summer evenings spent al fresco after night has fallen.

Another first: to commemorate this anniversary summer, diptyque has specially developed an eau that takes as its base essential oils of lemongrass, geranium and lemon eucalyptus, all known for their ability to repel mosquitos.
This product is a completely new innovation in the field of perfumery. It also symbolizes the spirit of the Maison – both functional and beautiful, combining the useful with the enjoyable. Softened with floral notes and a closing touch of musk, this summer body spray is sure to become the indispensable item of the season.

Bringing this Mediterranean-inflected collection to a majestic conclusion, diptyque reinvents its famous Vinaigre de toilette, one of the Maison’s first products, in a new olfactory creation crafted exclusively to mark the occasion. A Mediterranean edition with a typically aromatic perfume, inspired by the traditional recipes of the region with its infusion of lavender, rosemary and thyme as highlighted by the lavender sprig inserted specially into each bottle. A product you can use unstintingly for perfuming clothes, helping the body unwind, beautifying the hair and cleansing your home.

Essential items for summer 2021: a complete collection of objects and perfumes dedicated to the inspiration supplied by nature and conceived to rekindle completely, stimulating all your senses, the experience and memory of a summer spent by the Mediterranean Sea. Ideal and indispensable, just like the natural Mediterranean world it celebrates.

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